Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gardens to Bed; Back on the Road

Hmmm.  Here it is, September 17th.  This has been an amazing gardening season for me.  I've had some new and interesting experiences:
  • a cool and wet spring season brought us insects we've never seen before.  In great numbers.  They fascinate me and I wonder where they came from, and will they stick around for next year.
  • the new gardens I began building last fall and completed this spring I LOADED UP with compost, and the result was monster growth by whatever I planted there.  Gotta remember that next year, and add LOADS of compost to the older gardens so I can watch the joy unfold there, too!
  • a few of our older gardens got rehabilitated, so now I'm eager to do an extreme makeover next year on some of the others!

I'm leaving the gardens early this year.  It's almost their bedtime anyway, the leaves on the ground are telling me that.  While they hibernate, all nestled and snug in their beds, I'll be with Willie Nelson, On The Road Again!