Saturday, February 28, 2009


Shortly after the horrible nightmare earthquake in San Fransciso in 1989, my brother overheard some guys talking about the event. One of the guys said "man, it's like it's the end of the world!" A nearby listener chimed in "well, it's about time!!"

I guess for that listener, the end of the world would have been good news.

We look at newscasts, both local and national, and we notice the predominance of bad news; it always takes center stage. Sometimes the newscast will end with a very short "good news" story, I guess to leave us feeling not quite so doomed.

What would happen if all news media, everywhere, would simultaneously declare a moratorium, for one solid week, on bad news? What if they all agreed to report only good news? Would it be possible to speak for 30 minutes, minus commercial time, on only the good stuff that happens in our world? Or would they just sit there and twiddle their thumbs with an embarrassed smile on their empty faces?

I know it's a silly thought. First of all, they'd never unanimously agree to something so outrageous, because let's face it, if they don't report the bad news we won't be able to get to sleep wondering what happened that we don't know about. Secondly, the sponsors would be in an uproar because good news is boring and we'd all turn off tv, and wouldn't see the commercials which get us out spending our money (those few of us who might still have some). Thirdly, there's a slight (ever so slight) chance that the viewing public might actually like hearing more good than bad news, and that would certainly cause an uproar, then a panic, and perhaps the demise of the entire concept of reporting. (can you see the reporters scrambling all over the world looking for good news?) And the viewers would have to turn to NASCAR for the excitement of wrecks and injuries. And where the heck would Law & Order get new ideas for their episodes?

I guess it was a stupid thought. . .


  1. I've often wondered the same thing, but honestly believe that once word got out - any station using that strategy would see better ratings. After all, why do so many of us watch Oprah or Ellen or Ty Pennington's Extreme Home Makeover? I think it's because we're trying our best to balance out all the other doom and gloom we get when just waiting to see the weather! Now, how do we leak this idea out??

  2. Maybe it could get off to a "slow start" if one network, for one week, would at least report lots of good news first instead of last. Know any network people, LOL?