Monday, February 23, 2009


It's alive and well, I understand. My question is actually about where it went in my head. I only found out this morning that it's Mardi Gras because I was planning to go shopping and a friend said 'you'll have major traffic problems because of the parades.' Gosh, here I am wintering in southwest Louisiana and I don't know it's Mardi Gras? OK so I'm a little out of touch -- nothing new there!

I grew up in New Orleans, so I grew up with Mardi Gras as well. We oldsters talk about 'back in the day' a lot, and the Mardi Gras I knew back then was much more family-friendly and not so scary.

I lived out-of-state for about seven years, and when I returned home as an adult I couldn't wait for Mardi Gras! I went to Bourbon Street the night before and experienced a terrifying fear of being swept along in a tightly-scrunched shoulder-to-shoulder crowd of partygoers that extended from the buildings on one side of the street to the buildings on the other side of the street. Lucky for me, I only encountered the friendly types -- we were all, strangers and friends alike, clinging to each other's arms or shoulders to keep from losing our balance as we were swept along in the undertow of the crowd. 'Okay', I kept saying to myself, 'there's an escape somewhere, I just hang on until I see it. This can't last forever.'

The escape was only two blocks away, and as far as I know everyone made it through without incident. As soon as we were free, we laughed somewhat hysterically, popped open our beers and continued with the partying.

I guess I answered my question: Mardi Gras, for me, will remain a distant memory. Now I tend to avoid dense crowds, especially crowds where insanity is legal.


  1. How fantastic, Jean! After spending two seasons with you and Panda, we are excited to read your daydreamings! I believe in them! You are a woman well-worth knowing! You shouold include your life story. Keep it up. May start writing myself. We love you and look forward to more coming. Don & Dee Dee

  2. Thanks, y'all! Life story, HAH! My family would never let me put their names in, so it'd have to be fiction. Oh wait, maybe it is!