Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Considering how seldom I'm actually "on the road" it feels good to say it. I'm enroute to my "summer home" in Williamsport MD. This will be my third season working at the campground, but the first time I'm taking six days to get there.

In previous years I'd take three days to get to Richmond, stay there and visit kids, then a half day to the end destination. This year I decided to bypass Richmond and take a different route. And take it easy. I can sleep late, drive leisurely (that means let everyone in the world pass me by), stop as often as I want to for a doggie walk or food break or just because, arrive early at my overnight stop, and relax for many hours before bedtime.

When I get to my campground I'll put Willie Nelson away until next fall when I'll be on the road again.

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